GL865 SSL bugs?

2 thoughts on “GL865 SSL bugs?

  1. We are currently using a first small prototyping batch (25) of the GL865 because SSL was supported.

    The SSL commands should work out of the box but i think it’s very limited tested because of the problems we had in the past and which stil exist in the latest version.

     After the latest update 10.00.157 still strange things happen.

    First the documentation of the command  AT#SSLSEND which says “wait for the prompt >”

    In real world a prompts AND space are being send.


    Second a real log trying to use the AT#SSLSEND command.

    Sometimes the next happens:


    “16-10-2013 15:32:39”,AT#SSLFASTD=1,1
    “16-10-2013 15:32:40”,AT#SSLSEND=1
    “16-10-2013 15:34:54”,AT#SSLS=1


    “16-10-2013 15:32:39”,AT#SSLFASTD=1,1
    “16-10-2013 15:32:40”,OK
    “16-10-2013 15:32:40”,NO CARRIER
    “16-10-2013 15:32:40”,=1
    “16-10-2013 15:32:40”,> AT#SSLS=1

    See wat happens An unexpected NO CARRIER is received which is OK and can happen. But of result of that the SSLSEND command is NOT echoed  (only a part =1) BUT it is executed. which results in datatransmission mode.


    Third is the nice error:

    “16-10-2013 15:18:05”,+CME ERROR: SSL generic error

    after every thing is setup nicely and this is the result of a SSLSEND command.


    Does someone have the same experience and maybe a solution to the problems.

    1. HI,


      I’m believing you are sending string too fast and closed al togehter.


      1) you send AT#SSLFASTD=1,1 at 15:32:39 and

      2) get from module the echo at 15:32:39  end OK at  15:32:40

      3)  at the same time you send AT#SSLSEND=1 and probabilly.

      4) get NO CARRIER


      So my question are

      1) do you need  SSLFASTD to be send so close dwith SSLSEND?

      2) why in your log you send  AT#SSLS=1 at 15:34:54 and got the echo at 15:32:40, ie before sending it?


      Can you take a log of serial port with send and received sequence all together to see what happens when?