GL865 – optimization of power consumption

2 thoughts on “GL865 – optimization of power consumption

  1. GL865 is embedded into battery powered device. High power consumption actions (printing and GPRS data transfer) has to be synchronized.

    1. Open GPRS connection
    2. Upload/download files to/from FTP server
    3. Request for print
    4. Immediately (0,5~1s delay is acceptable) set GPRS connection and FTP transfer to such a state that allows turning off transmission but does not close GPRS connection or FTP transfer
    5. Print requested data
    6. Turn on transmission and resume "normal" state of GPRS connection and FTP transfer until new request for print occurs

    Is it possible to use proposed scenario?

    1. you can try with the TX Disable function.


      The GPIO4 pin, when configured as RF Transmission Control Input, permits to disable
      the Transmitter when the GPIO is set to Low by the application.
      In the design is necessary to add a pull up resistor (47K to 2.8V);


      see also che Telit GSM/GPRS Family Software User Guide GPIO4 Pin as RF Transmission Control