GL865 GPRS upload speed

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  1. Hello,

    We are using GL865 dual module to send continuous data to a open port in server PC through gprs connection. I use easy ip- online mode commands and the data upload rate is nearly 7-8 kbps to the server according to Wireshark  network analyzer program. Is it possible to increase the rate of upload data transfer? What are the common rates that modules can reach in Turkey?

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    1. Check the multislot class with AT#MSCLASS.

      Did you tweak pktSz and txTo to fit your sending scenario?


        1. Most probably only one slot is allocated by the network for upload in 4+1 schema, and CS-1 coding scheme is used, that is why you see 8 kbit/s. In this thinking at download you can obtain 4*8 = 32 kbit/s.