GL865 firmware updating

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  1. Hello!

    I have some problems with firmware updating.

    I use just RX, TX, GND (not RX_AUX, TX_AUX). Signal levels are converted by  MAX3232 (converts to 3V). 

    Xfp program is used.


    Steps of firmware updating:

    1. Run programm Xfp.

    2. Choose com port, speed – 9600, firmware – path to file.

    3. Press  ‘Program’ button –  a flashing blue bar appears – ‘Linking…’.

    4. Turn on module.

    5.  Status is changed from ‘Linking…’ to ‘Programming…’

    6. After about 20 seconds apears a dialog window:

    Error: FlashSendStream – Error rx (0x000001EE – 0x000101ED), Code: 114(code: -9)


    I’ve tracked bytes exchange using oscillograph, I’ve noticed that  Xfp programm was sending some bytes to the module, but module havn’t answered.


    What I do wrong and what I need to update firmware correctly?  Maybe I have to use full modem cable or auxiliary port?

    1. I suppose the serial communication works with AT commands. Try keeping the power on signal more or less, do some trials.

  2. It’s
    very unclear answer…

    would like to know which exactly at channel use, main or auxiliary?

    many lines I need?

    sequence must be done to update firmware using 
    Xfp program


    What does  this error mean?

    Error: FlashSendStream – Error rx (0x000001EE – 0x000101ED), Code: 114(code: -9)

    1. Then is very clear explained in Telit Modules Software User Guide, Firmware Update Tool chapter 🙂

      You should use the main ASC0 port, RX/TX/GND,  the sequence described in the doc.

      Code -9: timeout/error, as you observed yourself being no answer from the module.



  3.  Try keeping the power on signal more or less, do some trials.


    What have you ment?

    When I turn on module, programm starts send him packages… 


    Thanks you.  

    1. Sorry is a GL …indeed there is no power on signal.

      So can you sustatin AT communications with your hardware?

      Can you try with another PC? What OS are you using?

      1. The most interesting is that the module is answered to  AT commands throught ‘Advanced Serial port Terminal’ – external programm.

        I use  Windows 7 Home Premium x64. 

  4. I’ve resolved the problem, thanks. That were my local problems.