7 thoughts on “GL865-DUAL

  1. My present project uses GL865-DUAL.

    I have some questions:


    1. AT+CMGR returns 10.00.153-B006. Is it latest firmware?


    2. DTMF decoding works even AT#CPUNODE=0. Why?


    3.  I am using audio and need some explanation about biquad filters. And if possible all preferred audio settings.  

  2. 1. There is  10.00.154 for GL865-DUAL, available through your direct contact

    2. I suppose command is not checking #CPUMODE but is not functioning properly when set to 0

    3. There is an Audio Settings Application Note, what do you need more specifically?


    1. See AT#BIQUAD… commands in AT Commands Reference Guide, I think for more fine tuning some theory must be read.

  3. I have problems with noise in microphone channel using separate mic preamplifier (MAX9814).

    Is it possible to skip external amplifier and to have good level of voice?

    If someone have experience with this – let post here typical settings, please!

    1. For what kind of environment? Here are some settings suggested for a car system:


      AT#CAP=%u (1 or 2 depending by the product)
      AT#PSEL=2 o 3 (depending by the car)
      AT+CLVL=%u (max 10 is suggested)
      AT#HSMICG=%u (max 5 is suggested)


      1. Environment is open area (Dog tracking device).

        Module is GL865-DUAL. Probably only HANDSET settingd are valid.


        Btw, micropthone tract do not need any additional amplifier.


        Thanks for settings, Cosmin!