GL865-DUAL Avialable RAM size

6 thoughts on “GL865-DUAL Avialable RAM size

  1. As far I know, avilable RAM for 865 modules is approx 1,2MB.

    Is it possible to check what RAM size is available in any moment of running Python program?

      1. I am using RAM for buffering data and need to know avilable RAM=

        The tests with perticular program rises exception after filling of approx 750KB.

          1. Yes Python. I do not catch exception, so I do not know what exception is raised.

            I am filling Python dictionary with 500 elements, each containig 2kB string. After about 350th element program stopped and module is in  AT-command mode

          2. ok, but there is a limit for the number of variables. Please read the paragraph Limits in the Easy script in Python. furthermore I suggest to re-use the variables, to use the debug output that you can see on the debug port if you have a module with tx_trace  and rx_trace available or by using TelitSerisalPortMux tool .

            I’ll try to contact you to send some internal notes