GL-865 WhatsApp SMS

7 thoughts on “GL-865 WhatsApp SMS

  1. Hi all.

    If use standard GPRS data in my GL-865 dual module all working good .. web , FTP ..etc..

    But have question if try anyone make sens SMS by WhatsApp . Or how to do it ??


    1. WhatsApp has nothing to do with the normal SMS, it uses a customized version of XMPP – I’m afraid discussions about hacking it cannot take place here.

        1. Hi all I have new information about WhatSim sim card.

          WhatSim is stadard data card with starting 50MB for one year .

          Look at this :

          now qestion is : 

          if open socket and keep alive how many data use per 24 hour .. (no data send only opened socket).

          and if don’t send data then what is powre consumption ? if gsmmodule not communicate with cell .. 

          bets regards

          1. For power saving numbers read in documentation, then you can select a power saving mode then you can figure if and how much data is exchanged in that mode.

          2. euh .. for GPRS .. there is around 230 mA .. but not constantly current consumption ..

            and data transfer if open socket ?? per 24 hour ??

            try find it in documentation ..


          3. So have you selected a power saving mode or you’ll run operative mode?

            The <keepalive> option for TCP sockets (in AT#SCFGEXT) is by default deactivated so no traffic will be exchanged during inactivity periods. If this is OK for your application, risking to miss inadvertent closures hence more complicat logic and more traffic in re-connections, you decide.