GE910 Unexpected factory reset

2 thoughts on “GE910 Unexpected factory reset

  1. What can possibly trigger a factory reset of a GE910 (fw 13.00.006) module?

    We were doing some tests in +50°C and one of the modules stopped working.
    When I connected to the module I saw that all the files from the NVM were gone, and all other configurations were back to default.
    For example AT#ESCRIPT? returned “”, and AT#NITZ? returned 7,0 (previously it had been configured with AT#NITZ=0 -> AT&W0 -> AT&P0).

    1. Now the same thing has happened on another module in the same test.

      We are also having another issue. On another module in the same test, it seems as the clock has stopped running. Python is crashing and when I connect a cable to the module, AT+CCLK? always shows the same timestamp, that is, the clock doesn’t tick.
      The same thing happened on another module out in the field. Could this be related?