GE910-GNSS, how to enable GNSS_LNA_EN

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  1. Hi,

    I want to enable the GNSS_LNA_EN output from the GE910-GNSS.

    But the GPS Antenna type definition, $GPSAT, GPS Antenna LNA Control is not avalaible in this module.

    So the AT$GPSAT=1 (Enable LNA) command is given an ERROR response.

    There is another command to enable this output?


    Thanks a lot,

  2. My understanding is the GNSS_LNA_EN pin is automatically handled when the GPS receiver is active.



    The GE910 is already provided by an internal LNA. In case the Application needs to include an additional LNA stage, the module is provided by a digital signal usable to enable the power supply of the external amplifier. The signal is set to High only when the GPS receiver is active.

    See the relevant paragraphs in Hardware User Guide document.


    1. Hi Cosmin,

      You are right.

      The GNSS_LNA_EN is active (output hight, 1V8) when the GNSS is active.


      Thanks a lot,