5 thoughts on “GE910 CPUMODE

  1. Hello,


    we are testing a GE910 FW 10.00.003.


    The command AT#CPUMODE? returned  "ERROR"


    We’ve set  AT#SELINT=2 before


    In the document "Telit_AT_Command_Guide_Rev.16" from 07.02.2013

    on page 334 is written:



    Read command returns the currently selected CPU clock mode in the format:


    Where is my error?

    Any hint is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. Are you sure about the firmware version? GE910 should have a version which hasn’t #CPUMODE available. Maybe is 13.00.003?


    1. I am sorry my mistype, it’s 13.00.003 of course. In the mentioned document are on page all related models listed even GE910 with FW 13.00.xx3.