GE865 – some result codes in new firmware missing?

3 thoughts on “GE865 – some result codes in new firmware missing?

  1. I just upgraded firmare from 10.00.001 to 10.00.004. I also found the updated Modules_Software_user_Guide_r6.pdf.


    Under the old firmware when I dialed out with the GE865 I got the sequence “DIALING” “RINGING” “CONNECTED” (on end of call) “RELEASED.”  Under the firmware update I dial out I get “OK”, but there is no further result code until I hang up “OK” (0) or the other side hangs up “NO CARRIER” (3). My application needs to know if there is a BUSY, or when it CONNECTs. But the new firmware does not report this. These codes are still in the latest “AT Commands Reference”, but not in the “Modules Software User Guide”, in which the example matches how the new firmware operates, that is the CONNECT result code is silent. I need to know when the connection is made. How do I get the result codes, either the verbose or numercial?


    1. Hi Garrick, please check AT#DIALMODE?, the default is mode 0 which indeed gets you only OK. You need to set mode 2 for step by step call monitoring.