ge865 serial port2

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  1. Hi,
    I am using the ge865 on a sparkfun evaluation board where I can find tx_aux and rx_aux , which I assumed I could send/receive data from my serial port device (sensor 2 pins only, flow control off)
    e.g. python script – ser2.send(),
    Now trying for a couple of days with all sorts of speed settings etc. I can;t get it to work.
    Do I need to switch it on somehow or are there certain conditions when I can use it?
    Has this anyting to do with mux – I guess I leave it as it is by default?
    serial port1 e.g. ser  is used by  usb adapter on evaluation board and I would like to keep this going as I can easily upload python files, debug or sent at commands from pc.
    I am writing files with notepad and upload with manually.
    Any help would be appreciated.


    (if this is relevant I use GPRS  sending at  commands to MDM e.g.:
    Connection and communication scripts via gprs works fine )

    1. GE865 has 2 serial ports:
      •  MODEM SERIAL PORT 1 (Main, ASC0)
      •  MODEM SERIAL PORT 2 (Auxiliary, ASC1) 

      Hardware User Guide doc gives info on this, including balls layout, voltage level translations etc

      The default SER2 speed (ASC1) is 9600.