GE865-QUAD transfer\\\’s time very low. How to know if I\\\’m in GPRS, EDGE, 3G or more ?

4 thoughts on “GE865-QUAD transfer\\\’s time very low. How to know if I\\\’m in GPRS, EDGE, 3G or more ?

  1. Hi everybody.


    As I explained in the title, I have a very low transfer rate (about 2min30s to transfer 250Ko to a FTP server …).

    I send packet of 1500 octets to a microcontroler which resend it to the GE865 and then I send the next packet of 1500 octets, etc … to match with the total size of the data. (RTS/CTS flow control is activated and seems to work well).

    I configured GE865 with a TCP/IP packet size of 1500 octets to match with the packets of data sent.

    I verified the received signal quality (RSSI) with “AT+CSQ” command and the reply is about -75dBm so the signal quality is not so bad.

    How can I know if I am in GPRS, EDGE, 3G or more ?


    Thank you very much in advance.




    1. Hi Bruno, please write what module are you using and firmware version, thanks. If is GE865, is only GPRS lass 10 right?

      1. Hi.


        Yes I am using GE865-QUAD with firmware 10.00.002.

        It is mentionned in the datasheet “GSM/GPRS protocol stack 3GPP Release 4 compliant”.

        It means that GE865-QUAD is only GSM and GPRS compliant according to 3GPP release 4 standard. So I cannot use EDGE/3G/3G+ with this module, only GPRS is case of data transfert. Right ?


        Is there a way to increase data transfer rate ? I already configured the packet size of TCP/IP transfer via GPRS with the maximum value (1500 octets) and adapt the size of packets sent by the microcontroler to GE865-QUAD with a multiple of 1500 octets to avoid sending non-complete packets.


        Thank you.


        Best regards.



        1. Indeed GPRS only, class 10, no EDGE or 3G. Maybe you need to tweak data sending timeout as well, please describe how are you connecting, sending etc.