Ge865 quad firmware upgrade

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  1. Hi all.

    Now I use only Rx and TX to communicate with GSM module.

    But if want upgrade firmware is possible only with this RX a TX pin or need some other special pin to upgrade firmware. I find solution how to upgrade firmware via GPRS but If want using seral port??

    Is it possible only with Rx Tx.

    On my ATMega can emulate wirtula serial port and if plugg in to USB then WinXP detect serial port converter. Can normall communicate with GSm module (only with Rx Tx) can use any telit software to upgrade firmware with it??



    1. Yes you can use RX/TX only, but you need direct connection PC-module, any sort of bridge won’t work due to strict timing.


      1. about firmware upgrade.

        if start firmware upgrade and and for some reason ceases to upload files, gsm module will be destroyed or it is possible to repeat the process. What an honor it is better to upload file? What is the number server for firmware upgrade via the GPRS network .

  2. The module should survive to an interrupted firmware update, can be normally restarted or the update tried again.

    FOTA is a special service see here.

      1. See 1.7. Document History in AT Commands Reference Guide; Telit also keeps changes in special documents Delta Software docs, available in Download Zone; in the one referring to 10.00.002 to 10.00.003 we can read:


        CRS 235  AT#JDR: introduces mode=6, it enables the Jammed Detect status 

  3. On page 15 of hardware user guide it’s said:


    "Service pin can be used to upgrade the
    module from ASC1 as an alternative to default
    upgrading procedure using ASC0 "


    But what should i do with SERVICE pin to make it possible to use ASC1 ?

    Should i tie it low ? High ?



    1. I think the following applies to GE865 too:


      Service pin shall be used to upgrade the module from ASC1
      (RX_TRACE, TX_TRACE). The pin shall be tied low to enable
      the feature only in case of a SW Update activity. It is
      required, for debug purpose, to be connected
      to a test pad on the final application.