GE865-QUAD conducted harmonic levels vs EVK2

2 thoughts on “GE865-QUAD conducted harmonic levels vs EVK2

  1. Hi,


    I have been doing some testing with a board we have designed using the GE865-QUAD and the EVK2 reference board. It looks like our board has 4 dB worse 2nd harmonic in the 1900 band on the RF output (50 ohm coax into 50 ohm load, spectrum analyzer) when compared with the EVK2. 


    It also looks like our board is outputting 2-3 dB more power (CH661 1880 MHz carrier) max than the EVK2 also. All measurements were done using the same testmode commands. 


    Are there any typical issues that would cause higher levels of harmonic distortion to be produced by the GE865?