GE865-QUAD antenna detection

4 thoughts on “GE865-QUAD antenna detection

  1. Hello!


    We observe some strange #GSMAD behaviour. Antenna detection circuitry is impemented according to the Telit Antenna Detection Application Note. We periodically send AT#GSMAD=3,0,1,5 and get the following result codes:

    1. first call always returns 1 (short circuited to ground) irrespectively of antenna real state,

    2. 10 KOhm resistor (imitating antenna) gives 0 (connected) – as it should be,

    3. open connector gives sometimes 3 (open) – which is correct, but sometimes 1 (short circuited to ground),

    4. sometimes #GSMAD doesn’t return anything (looks like it hangs) and sometimes it returns ERROR.


    Firmware version is 10.00.002.


    Can you give explanation / workaround suggestions for this unstable behaviour?


    Thank you.