GE865-QUAD acquire date and time from the network.

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  1. Hi all.

    I am using a GE865-QUAD with firmware 10.00.002 and together with a GPRS/3G/3G+ SIM card (SFR french telco).

    For my project, I need to get the current date and time to rename the target file in order to send data in.

    The problem is that the system is not going to be continually supplied so I cannot simply use the internal real time clock since it will be restarted each time the system is not suplied any more.

    To solve it, I tried to use #NITZ command. Default value is 7,0 for my GE865 so automatic updating is enabled. But when I get date and time with #CCLK command, I see that it is never updated.

    I tried to set #NITZ=7,1 to receive “#NITZ: ” just after date and time update but not more successfully.

    Then I tried to save the current configuration as profil 0 with “&W0” and then software restart with profil 0 with “ATZ0”. So, the date and time would be updated during the GPRS connection and it will be send to my terminal. But it seems to be a problem as my configuration (#NITZ=7,1) is not saved and  #NITZ=7,0 is configured.

    Is there any command to launch manually the date and time update ??

    Did you have any suggest to solve this issue ?

    Thanks you very much in advance.


    1. Are you sure your network is providing #NITZ info? Do you see the URC after #NITZ=7,1?