GE865 problem with full sweep sensitivity automative test

One thought on “GE865 problem with full sweep sensitivity automative test

  1. Hi,

    have a problem when testing Rx sensitivity on GE865 using the CMU200 call
    tester. I am controlling the CMU200 using CMUgo to do full sensitivity
    sweep across GSM 900 band. sometimes during the test the GE856 module goes into
    a strange mode where it is allocated(i.e in a call) I can read all Tx
    parameters such as power, phase noise, freq error etc. however, the CMU200 cannot
    manage to read BER. even if I manually pause the test and wind up the received
    power. I still cannot read BER and I get a message on the CMU saying ”Unable
    to close the loop, check SIM card”. I tried to disconnect the call and re-connect and still not able to get BER reading. The only option to get it working is to power cycly the module. 

    I tried the same SIM card with the same
    CMU200 and CMUgo on a mobile phone and it never shows this error.

    Could you please give us some solutions?

    Best Regards,

    Hassan Kayali

    RF Design Engineer