GE865 GPRS Disable Auto Attach to save battery ?

7 thoughts on “GE865 GPRS Disable Auto Attach to save battery ?

  1. Hello,


    Is it better to disable auto attach and detach GPRS issuing AT+CGATT=0 everytime gprs connection is not being used  to save battery on GE865 ? Or it doesn’t make any difference ?



  2. I don’t think will matter, as long as you don’t have a connection open.

    Ok Thank’s.


    Yes, no connection opened, i’m concerned just about the attached status.


    Please, don’t close the thread yet, i’ll measure current consumption with both attach and detach and post the results here later.

        1. Here is one more remark from my colleagues, affecting only really long running applications:


          I f the module is
          GPRS registered periodically has to execute PERIODIC ROUTING AREA UPDATE
          (message exchanging with the NET). Update period is usually 1 or 2 hours in
          the live network (it depends by the MNO configuration) so for sure if the
          application has been designed to sends SMS only for 5 years this GPRS
          procedure can have a little impact on battery duration.