GE864-QUAD problem with AT+CMGL

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  1. Hello,


    I use a GE864-QUAD module and have problems with the message-list command. Here is what I do with the module:


    Power on sequence:

    – tie Power On low for 1500ms

    – send AT<CR> in loop until OK is received
    – send AT+CMEE=1<CR> wait until OK is received
    – send AT#SELINT=2<CR> wait until OK is received
    – send AT#SIMDET=1<CR> wait until OK is received
    – send AT#QSS?<CR> in loop until #QSS: 0,1 is received
    – send AT+CSQ<CR> in loop until answer is not +CSQ: 99,99
    – send AT+CMGF=1<CR> wait until OK is received

    After then I go in a loop in wich I ask AT+CSQ and AT+CMGL="REC UNREAD".


    Many times I get a OK immediately after AT+CMGL="REC UNREAD" or AT+CMGL="READ". But there are messages stored. They are just not listed.


    I have to reset the GE864-QUAD to list the messages again. Reset means tie the power On line for more than 2 seconds to low, than wait a few seconds and then the power on sequence again.


    What is wrong, is there a command wich I can use instead of the reset? The problem is, I don’t know if there are no messages or if the module is in its "error-state"


    I have another problem with the AT+CMGL="REC UNREAD" command. I get the OK immediately and after a simpl AT command I get "NO CARRIER".

    Is this the same problem as above?




    1. Hi Andreas,


      Is there a possibility you are sending the commands too fast? Put some delay intervals between them and see what happens.


      How is SIM connected? Verify SIM status from time to time.


      What is module’s firmware version?

  2. Hello Cosmin,


    I tried a delay of up to 500ms beetween the commands but nothing changed. Wich delay do you suggest?


    The SIM is connected via the AARlogic C07/4 board. I simply put the card into the sim holder on the board. I verify sim status in the loop with AT#QSS?. Everything is fine with the sim. Everything is fine.


    How do I get the modem firmware? Wich command I have to use?


    With AT+GMR I got the answer 07.03.000.




    1. Please upgrade to the latest version 7.03.001 (download link sent to you) and do the tests again.

      Is SIMIN connected on C07/4 or simply tied low?

      1. SIMIN is not connected. Because of this I use the command  AT#SIMDET=1.


        Thank you for the firmware. I have to figury out how to upload it with the AARlogic board. If this is done I will try it.


        Thank you!