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      1. AT$GPSAT?
        $GPSAT: 0
        Internal LNA is used
        $GPSP: 1
        SiRF Star IV is turned on
        $GPSPS: 0,1800
        Power saving is disabled
        1. AT$GPSAT should be 1. From Telit GPS User Guide, 4.5 GPS Antenna Power Supply:


          Check if the GPS antenna is supplied by the module itself: 1 means that the GPS antenna is supplied by the module.

          $GPSAT: 1


          1. Sorry, but in Telit_GPS_User_Guide_r1 (1).pdf, section 4.6 External LNA is write:


            For GE864-GPS module the AT$GPSAT command has a different functionality compared with the same command running on GM862-GPS and GE863-GPS modules.

            GE864-GPS is provided with a SiRF Star IV GPS chipset. The chipset is equipped with an internal LNA, if the user needs an external LNA having a better gain than the internal one, he may disable the internal LNA using the AT$GPSAT command.

            AT$GPSAT=1 Enable external LNA


            I have not implemented external LNA. 

          2. If you are using an active antenna the external LNA is built-in so you need AT$GPSAT=1.

            If your antenna is passive use AT$GPSAT=0, no power voltage at the antenna connector.


          3. Power Voltage is’nt present with both AT commands. e.g. AT$GPSAT=1 or AT$GPSAT=0.


            Maibe i have a hardware problem.


            Output GPS Antenna ball A10 is connected directly to RF connector, without other components, like inductor and capacitor connected to ground.