GE863-PRO3 64/128 EOL

6 thoughts on “GE863-PRO3 64/128 EOL

  1. I have found an interesting date in the Telit_Cellular_Roadmap_12_10.pdf (download zone). This PDF tells that GE863-PRO3 EOL is middle of 2012. Is this true? Is this product will be discontinued or a new version will be available? When? Thank you.

    1. Please answer this question because we will not start the development if this product will be discontinued in the next year without any replacement.

      1. Dear Zoltan,


        the EOL of the product is not confirmed to be on middle of 2012, anyway a new version of the product won’t be available therefore we don’t recommend to use the PRO3 on new projects.

        1. Dear Andrea,


          Thank you for your answer. The PRO3 is an excellent product. So this EOL news is a good news, we will decide that go/nogo this development.

        2. Dear Zoltan,

          We start using the PRO3 for a new development.

          I just discovered this EOL info and it is very worrying…

          Can you update us on the scheduled EOL for this product ?

          Is there a new version coming ?

          Thanks for your quick reply,



          1. Hi Stéphane,

            please read Andrea’s answer above, anyway the best thing to do is to inquire through your local Telit vendor, discuss with them your project timelines and availabilities.