GE863-PRO: uboot and firmware sources

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  1. Hi Cosmin


    Ive been looking into updating the software on my module, migrating the existing Telit “build framework” over to “buildroot” and updating uboot,kernel,uclibc & busybox versions.


    Ive gone through  “” but I cant find the “uboot” or any firmware source.


    Is it possible to request these sources through an official channel?







          1. Hello Cosmin,


            Can I ask you which is the latest bootloader version for the GE863 PRO3 128 Flash + 64 RAM w/ Linux OS?? 


            Could you please send me a link to my email??


            Thanks in advance.

          2. The files are more than one year old, will Telit_GE863-PRO³_128/64_Upgrade_Uboot_221.00.0000 help you?

          3. Thanks Cosmin,


            This is the version that we already have. The thing is that we´ve found a problem where the telit (with linux 221.07.1007) suddenly shows a kernel error (Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address…) and everything stops working.


            I found another guy with the same problem in the roundsolutions forum, and he told me that they solved the problem with a new bootloader version received directly from telit. That bootloader was named "test", without any version number….



            So I would like to know if there is any new version of the boot, or if you know anything about this problem???

            Thanks in advance.