GE863-PRO (libGSM.a) source

3 thoughts on “GE863-PRO (libGSM.a) source

  1. Hi Cosmin


    Do you know if the source for the libGSM library is available:


    Ive gone through the  “”

    source and couldnt find it.


    I noticed the libGSM library exists in the crosstools:

     root@prodvarm:/opt/crosstools# find . -name “*GSM*”





    Ive outsourced some kernel work and now have my modules running on “2.6.38-rc5” with a feature rich OS….however I would like to add “libGSM” to my build images if possible?






    1. Hi Bruce,


      I can only see the library in binary form but, excuse my ignorance on the matter, having the include .h file and the library itself, is not enough to build the image?

      1. Hi Cosmin


        It is probably my ignorance…..and I should probably try and include the library before posting qustions. My concern was based on not knowing if the library requires Telits version of uclib etc.


        Ill add it and come back if any dependencies fail.