[GE863-GPS] UDP data transferring in command mode

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  1. Good day. Faced a problem of sending of data in a command mode. I use the GE-863GPS module, a firmware 7.03.702.
    What i did

    >> AT#SGACT=1,1,
    << #SGACT: x.x.x.x
    << OK
    >> AT
    << OK
    >> AT+CREG?
    << +CREG: 0, 1
    << OK
    >> AT#SGACT?
    << #SGACT: 1,1
    << OK
    >> AT#SD=1,1,4011,server-ip,0,0,1
    << OK
    >> AT#SS=1
    << #SS: 1,2,my ip,0,server-ip,0 <<< zero ports???
    << OK
    >> AT#SSENDEXT=1,11
    << >
    >> 11 bytes of data
    << OK

    on server i look for packs and see this sent data

    >> AT#SS=1
    << #SS: 1,2,my ip,my port,server-ip,4011

    after second

    << SRING: 1
    >> AT#SS=1
    << #SS: 1,3,my ip,my port,,4011 <<< at now no real server-ip, but

    >> AT#SRECV=1,255
    << #SRECV: 1,11
    << server answer data
    << OK
    >> AT#SS=1
    << #SS: 1,2,my ip,my port,,4011
    >> AT#SSENDEXT=1,50
    << >
    >> 50 bytes of data
    << OK

    this data doesnt reach server

    >> AT#SS=1
    << #SS: 1,2,my ip,my port,,4011

    last data pack (AT#SSENDEXT=1,50) i repeat about two minutes every five second. answer already is OK but no packs on server.

    modem configuration at start


     What secret can is?



    1. I would suggest to try first with a server with a public IP and no restrictions on ports located in a "fully fledged" network, not a GSM one which can impose a lot of restrictions in protocols and ports.

      BTW what kind of addresses are you gettting?


      1. >>server with a public IP and no restrictions on ports

        its my dedicated server with static public IP and full root access for me.

        i look at packs with command

        tcpdump -v -x -s 256 dst port 4011


         >>what kind of addresses are you gettting

        did you mean GPRS attached to dynamic or static IP? if yes then dynamic

        1. unexpectedly the problem was solved by itself. thx for advance


          ps. but stiil interesting what meaning o

          #SS: 1,3,my ip,my port,,4011 <<<