GE 865 DVI

4 thoughts on “GE 865 DVI

  1. We want to wire 2 GE865 Modules with their DVI Interfaces Together and connect that to a FPGA, so it would look like:

    GE865 (DVI Slave0) <—> GE865 (DVI Slave1) <—-> FPGA (DVI Master)

    In this scenario i must confgure the 2 GSM Modules to work on different timeslots or frame offsets on the DVI and to switch into 3-State in the other remaining timeslots. In this case Both slave 0 and slave 1 could share the DVI Bus (that’s normal with other Telco Chips like BRI/PRI Controllers).

    I didn’t find info about changing the Timeslot in the DVI App Note.

    Have you any hint? Thank you.



      1. No is not possible now nor plans to implement such are foreseen. The way to overcome this would be to use a complete DVI bus switch with a FPGA or whatever appropriate.