GE-864-GPS, InstantFix AT commands

3 thoughts on “GE-864-GPS, InstantFix AT commands

  1. Hello,

    I’m accessing the GE-864-GPS from our application controller via UART. What I’m ultimately trying to do is A-GPS.

    I’ve got plain GPS working, and I’ve also got a valid FTP connection to our ephemerides file provider.

    But whenever I’m trying one of the commands


    all I get from the GE-864-GPS is an unqualified “ERROR“. This is not very helpful; I’d like to know what went wrong, obviously.

    Telit documentation states that these commands are only available when the module is configured to “Controlled Mode”, but as

    gives me “2” as a response, I presume it is in Controlled Mode already (which is supposed to be the default on this module anyway, according to the docs).

    Did I miss anything?


    Best regards

    Harald Lenz