GC864 network registration problem

2 thoughts on “GC864 network registration problem

  1. Hello,

    I have some network registration problem about GC864,they are as below:

    1. GC864 always registers in roaming network,it’s more than 90%,sometimes it will return to local network.

    2. If the module is registered in local network,the data rate and quality of transmission is much better than the module registered as roaming network.

    3. Some times,the modules will take lots of time for the network registration,they are all registered in roaming network,the data rate is bad and it always lost connetion(40~50%).

    Pls give some suggestion about how to force GC864 registering in local network.Or if you have any other suggestions ,pls kindly advise.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


      1. Home network is always the preferred one and the module should register in roaming only, when home isn’t in range.
      2. Once the module is registered in roaming, it must stay there until this NW is in range (has coverage), regardless if Home is already in range or not and if it has a better signal quality.
        This is an ETSI (3GPP) requirement.

      You should find out first, why is your module registering in roaming. I suppose that this happens when your Home NW is not in range. Can you perform a network scan with “AT+COPS=?” on one of these locations? Maybe you can use the manual network selection instead of automatic: