GC864 I/O (push-pull or open drain?)

One thought on “GC864 I/O (push-pull or open drain?)

  1. Greetings,


     I´m trying to select a voltage level translator for my gc864 serial port,

    there are several choices which mainly fall into two categories, VLT for

    Open Drain types of outputs like i2c or SPI and VLT for Push-pull type of outputs

    which one is used on the GC864 serial port  and trace pins?


    Also, should I use pull-up´s for these data lines?


    In the Hardware users guide there are some examples with an open drain buffer used

    for the output ( TC7SZ07AE)  with an pull up and another buffer the TC7WZ34FK for the input, both are from toshiba and are discontinued. the first one is a single port and the latter is a 3 port . I wonder if someone could point out other commercial models used

    in any project.


    The conversion leves I´m working with are 2.8V to 3.3V 





    Haroldo Calvo