GC864 Hardware related questions

One thought on “GC864 Hardware related questions

  1. Greetings,


     I´m currently designing a Board based on the GC864 QUAD V2 and have a few questions concerning hardware and configuration:


    1-Could anyone point me to an APP note  for the VRTC in the GC864, I made the attached schematic based on the config I found on an old app note.


    2- In my desing I´m employing a dual SIM circuit with a multiplexer, I would like to know

    what would be the recommended decoupling cap for the SIMVCC signal? the datasheet

    of the GC864 states that it is dependent on the FW version but the codes listed do not correspond to what I read on the modems label.


    3- The service Pin, pin #47 .It is stated on the datasheet that this pin must be tied to a test point and that it is used for firmware updates, I would like to see more info on this pin, maybe an app note.


    4-The Flow control signals on the serial interface DSR,RTS,CTS, etc.. are all active low? 


    5-Of the 2 serial interfaces available, what practical use can I make of the trace interface? on my design I´m using an USB to SERIAL adapter from future technologies

    and I´m evaluating connecting the TRACE interface to the adapter in order to make it available for debugging purposes.