G30 seems to reboot or at least asks for PIN

3 thoughts on “G30 seems to reboot or at least asks for PIN

  1. Our firmware powers on the G30, initializing it and then sends a number of HTML GET queries containing sensor data to a web server. If everything went okay then our software power of the G30. Sometimes it suddenly fails and when we try to issue the AT+CPIN? command we got SIM PIN which means that we need to enter the pin code again.


    The power supply seems to be okay and it should definitely be able to handle the peak current requirements. Attached is a PDF containing some measurements.


  2. NOTE:

    When RESET_IN is used as "Live Indication", verify that the signal is connected to an input

    device (via a input buffer), with NO pull-up or pull-down resistors.

       the reset_in is an input to the G30 make sure the micro is not toggeling this line when you see the reset happen.