G24 Java security can not be turned off

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  1. We recently got a new batch from Telit and this differs somewhat from the G24-J modules that we have used before.

    developing our software we previously sent the module the JTOOL command oemconfig_secure:off
    to disable all security and then be able to run untrusted midlets as
    trusted ones.

    When issuing this command on the new units we get the response:
    Turning security OFF is not allowed in a production unit!

    Could someone please help me with this?


    The new modules has the following FW:
    DM: Info: Software version: G24_G_0C.11.C4R
    DM: Info: Flex version: GCEG24xJ24NE000AB098

    The old modules that accepts the command has the following FW:
    DM: Info: Software version: G24_G_0C.11.B6R
    DM: Info: Flex version: GCEG24xJ24NE000AB086

    1. Hello Erik, It looks like you order module with Security set to ON.I can offer you to unlock the units by reflashing the units with a new FW.  The SW can be download from our FTP-EXTRANET(email sent to you separately with how to access to this site):https://compass.motorolasolutions.com/doc/368367071/G24_G_0C.11.D0R_JPJAVA_DM_5_03_09_GMEG24OEM1AA028_GCEG24xJ24CRK00AB100_1FF.shx.gzThe tool to reflash the units is attached, please change the extension from *.mss to *.msi After reflashing the units, please send the java command:OEMconfig_secure:off in order to unlock the units, and by that, you can install any MIDlet without to sign them.

      Best Regards,

      Ofir Dangur  
      Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering
      Telit Communications S.p.A.

      1. Hello Dangur,
        Hope you’re well!
        you could send the new SW with security ON?
        E-mail,Skype and MSN:augusto.hertz@hotmail.com