[F A Q] Serial interface blocked

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    I try to open a data
    connection with AT#SKTOP, AT#SKTD, AT#SD or FTP with AT#FTPGET,
    AT#FTPPUT but the serial interface hangs. Moreover when a try to open a
    CMUX session with AT+CMUX=0,0 I receive the OK only after 5 seconds.



    When one of the socket commands is issued the module enters in data mode
    and HW flow control is activated, since the default setting is
    AT&K3. RTS floating can be sensed as HIGH blocking the CONNECT
    indication into the buffer. The same behavior happens after AT+CMUX=0,0
    and the OK result code is sent out after 5 seconds when CMUX session is
    timedout. To fix it connect RTS to ground or set AT&K0