[SOL] SMS containing {} and [] are changed with () and

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  1. Q:
    Did anybody came across this strange problem? Whenever I send a SMS to the module,
    containing "{}" and "[]", these characters are falsified to "()" and "<>", I mean,
    this is what the module gives me. The same content sent to an ordinary mobile – no problem.
    Could this be something related to a missing content type declaration (7bit/8bit)?

    Please refer to " IRA Character Set" of Telit Module Software User Guide.
    IRA is the default char set and does not support {}[] chars.

    Use AT+CSCS to change the char set. The supported character sets are the following:
    • "GSM" (default alphabet, [7])
    • “IRA” – ITU-T.50
    • ”8859-1” – ISO 8859 Latin 1
    • ”PCCP437” – PC character set Code Page 437.
    • “UCS2” – 16-bit universal multiple-octet coded character set (ISO/IEC10646)

    With AT#CSCS="iso8859-1" the characters are presented as expected.