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  1. Q:

    How is it possible send SMS via GPRS?



    You have to set these commands in this way:

    at+cmgs="telephone number"

    SMS via GPRS can be sent only if supported by the network provider.

    1. Hi Cosmin, could you add the list of network providers, who are supporting / not supporting this feature? This would be a valued information. Thanks in advance.

      1. Well Bernd, such a list is quite hard to compile, because of the volatility of how this service is offered by the providers, they can implement, allow the service to all users or on specific plans – you know how hard is to “decipher” the insides of the plans of some providers – and disable the service at their convenience.

        The advantage of the SMS over GPRS is being faster which is of course a great benefit for a M2M project design and deployment; the price per message is not the difference. Hopefully, despite the lack of a say world wide SMS by GPRS coverage list, the scope of such deployment is usually limited in space thus in network/provider coverage, being quite simple to investigate the availability of the service. And after all, the change in application code is minimal right?

        As an alternative, if a projects wants to stay uniform over the world with SMS over GPRS, the best option will be to use a SMS gateway, either own installation or a shared service. These are offering a larger palette of protocols, TCP, HTTP, FTP; one can do a simple search to find what market is offering.

        As for the real SMS over GPRS network support list, I suppose a rather punctual approach is what we will get, I am leaving the thread open:

        If any user has such information on specific network, their contribution/report to the list here is more then welcome!

        1. Here is a piece of information. The following networks do not implement SMS over GPRS:


          Wind, TIM, Vodafone (IT)

          Orange (FR)

          A1 (A)

          T-Mobile, Vodafone D2 (DE)

          Sonofon, TDC (DK)

          Megafon (RU)



    1. Thank you Ian for information, good to know as a general source, however I cannot see the first link showing any relevant info about the subject – maybe I am wrong, can you suggest to look at a specific country/operator? Also the second link does not apply at all to the question, is simply a piece of hardware with the same functionalities as any Telit module, do you think it has one inside?


  2. What devices support the at+cgsms command?


    Not all of them support this. I have a GE863 and it reports ERROR in response to the at+cgsms=2 command.

      1. Please report firmware version and SELINT value; GE863 supports +CGSMS since 7.03.x01.

        It is 07.02.804.


        Is it possible to upgrade the firmware?

        1. If you have the newer 8MB version of module, yes. Try to upgrade, if you have the old version the upgrade will simply fail.


          1. Where can I get the firmware code to upgrade the module? I’ve had a good search around the Telit website and can’t find it. I’ve also emailed Telit support and had no reply.


            Is there a list of firmware version releases with release notes? Is this made public or kept secret by Telit? It would be extremely useful if this information was made available to us software developers.