From AT$GPSACP to Google Maps / Earth

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  1.     Here is a short procedure to have the location data, got from the internal GPS module
    of a Telit product with the dedicated AT$GPSACP command, plot in Google Maps or Earth applications.
        The latitude and longitude values provided by $GPSACP are as in NMEA GGA sentence (essential
    fix data which provide 3D location and accuracy data), other pieces of information are taken from
    the same GGA and VTG and RMC NMEA sentences.

    Latitude is given as ddmm.mmmmN/S, longitude is dddmm.mmmmE/W, where dd are degrees and mm minutes.
    To calculate values in degrees decimal format we need to:
    1. split into degrees and minutes parts: dd (ddd respectively) and mm.mmmm
    2. calculate the degrees equivalent of the minutes part, dividing mm.mmmm by 60
    3. add the two decimal degrees, and alter results with the sign, negative for Southern and Western
    values, positive for Northern and Eastern:
    latDecimalDegrees = (- if S)(dd + mm.mmmm/60)
    lonDecimalDegrees = (- if W)(ddd + mm.mmmm/60)

    Example lets take Telit’s office in Trieste:
    GGA, so $GPSACP gives: latitude 4542.7880N, longitude 01344.2690E
    1 split. Latitude 45 degrees, 42.7880 minutes, longitude 13 degrees, 44.2690 minutes.
    2&3 calculate decimal degrees:
    latitude: 45 + 42.7880/60 = 45.7131 (positive because is N)
    longitude: 13 + 44.2690/60 = 13.7378 (positive because is E)

    To point to this location in Google Maps open your Internet browser with
    and enter in the Search box 45.7131, 13.7378 as query.
    In Google Earth enter the same location in the Fly To search.

    1. Hi Cosmin, I did some test and it should work also in this way:

       $GPSACP gives: latitude 4542.7880N, longitude 01344.2690E

      With you can enter in the Search Box:

      45 42.7880N,13 44.2690E

      This should be easier and you do not need to make calculation.

      Do you think it is reliable?

      1. Hi Max, it works indeed; Google incorporated GPSBabel into their products so I suppose several formats are recognized, accepted and converted seamlessly, nevertheless first use of a format must be checked.