FTPFSIZE maximum file size?

6 thoughts on “FTPFSIZE maximum file size?

  1. I was wondering if or what is the maximum files size the FTPFSIZE command can handle. I’ve just uploaded a file that is 38316 bytes in size, but the FTPFSIZE reporsts it as being 4852 in size!


    If I upload smaller files, say 2k in size, it seems to work OK.


    Am I missing something here?


    Thans in advance, Ben 

    1. Are you using flow control Ben? If not try to send in packets under 4k size, with generously sized delays, depending of network quality.


        No, I’m
        not using flow control.


        I can see that the full 38816 byte file gets transfer perfectly OK
        (using FileZilla, and looking at the files size).


        However FTPFSIZE still returns 4852…… which as a matter of
        interest, 38816/4852 = 8!


        Is that a coincidence or does it has significance? 


        1. I have done some more testing and found that even if i send a small amount of data (32 bytes) the value returned by the FTPFSIZE command is still 1/8th the size it should be.


          So, files size = 32, FTPFSIZE returns 4!


          I just don’t get it…. 

          1. Sounds like an error in code somewhere, are you using Python, an external host, or it happens the same with FTPSIZE in a terminal? If the latter, does a normal FTP client get size correctly?

          2. OK, problem solved. I had a 1 ms delay between sending each byte, which i had removed in my current version of the code.


            I put the delay back in and it works again.