FTP in H24

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  1. Hello,


    The H24 has a FTP client embedded. Port 21 is open for TCP connections by default.

    Is there a way to disable the internal FTP client? I didn’t find anything useful in the manual.

    The open 21 port is for me a hole in security protocol, and can be used to do some ddos attacks.

    Can open FTP session (open 21 port connection) interfere with other socket operation?  For example, can open 21 port connection forbid connection to other opened socked in listening mode?


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    1. Hello Andrzej,


      The FTP operation should not interfere with other socket operation.

      Bear in mind that the FTP uses 2 sockets.

      So you can still use the number of available sockets (in the H24 there are 20) minus the 2 used sockets.


      As well, the ports used for the FTP connection can be configured (using the +FTPOPEN command) and does not necessarily have to be 20, 21.


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      Or Prat 
      Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering

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