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  1. Hi 

    I have some troubble downloading files from ftp when the file gets bigger than 4k.

    Is there someone that has an example of how they are doing that.

    It seems that my data structrue can’t get any bigger than about 4k then i have to start with a new.

    I use the module GE866.


    Best regards


    1. Data buffers are of a size of 4kB, if you don’t use flow control you’ll get weird results. You might try to send data in chunks smaller than 4k with intervals between, but of course is not recommendable.


  2. The 1.5.2 interpreter came with limitations on a variable basis. Strings could only be 16000 bytes long, lists could only contain up to 4000 elements and so on. Does the 2.7 interpreter come with similar limitations? I cannot find anything in the docs.