Firmware Update

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  1. Hello,


    we need to update the firmware of the module because of stability problems. The 200 devices are m2m and non-moving placed outdoor.


    Financial, it is unportable to update each module per USB with a PC or Laptop.


    What alternatives are possible? The best way would be distribute the new firmware with our software update routine and flash the module by ourself.


    We have buisiness m2m SIM cards which are connected to a own APN.  So we have a direct VPN tunnel to an internal network. The cards are not online in the www.


    Because of this, I think FOTA is not possible.


    Can you please help us.




    Frank Schulte 



  2. Hi Frank,


    The firmware uploading protocol specifications are available under NDA, please contact your Telit representative to obtain the doc.

  3. Hi Cosmin,


    thank you for your fast reply. Our distributor is round solution. We contact them several times but we got no answer to our requests until yet.


    That’s the reason why I registered on the Telit forum directly.


    I it possible to make the NDA with Telit?



    Frank Schulte 

    1. Of course the NDA will be signed with Telit but I’m afraid I can’t do more here in forum. Try the Contact us section of Telit’s website and email to Let me know if you still don’t have answers, but I bet you will.


  4. Hi Cosmin,


    I had a call with Round Solutions. Our contact person has left there company. That’s why we didn’t get an answer.


    Now they work on our request.


    Best thanks for help.


    Frank Schulte