Find IP address of modem

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am using Telit GL865 modem. I activate context and get dynamic IP allocation for my modem using at command “AT#SGACT=1,1”.

    In response of this command, I get IP assigned to my modem.

    But now I want to know the IP assigned to my modem in between of my API process going on. So is there any AT command to know the IP of modem?

    1. Most probable the mobile device is behibd a provider router and getting an internal IP address 10.xx.xx.xx or such. The outside world sees the mobile device traffic with a provider address, NAT being performed between the two. In this case you cannot ping the mobile device  (nor run some kind of server in it) unless special tunnelling is done at provider.

      To find what IP address is seen outsid you can use some kind of “what is my IP” services in Internet but won’t be any help.