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  1. Hello,

    for our device we will make the FCC certification in the USA, as Verification procedure. The FCC had called me that we need the responsible party of the module manufacterer in the USA. Please see the following statement.

    §  2.1077   Compliance information.   

    (b) If a product is assembled from modular components that, by   themselves, are authorized under a Declaration of Conformity and/or a   grant of certification, and the assembled product is also subject to   authorization under a Declaration of Conformity but, in accordance with   the applicable regulations, does not require additional testing, the   product shall be supplied, at the time of marketing or importation,   with a compliance information statement containing the following   information:   

    (1) Identification of the assembled product, e.g., name and model   number.   

    (2) Identification of the modular components used in the assembly. A   modular component authorized under a Declaration of Conformity shall be   identified as specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section. A modular   component authorized under a grant of certification shall be identified   by name and model number (if applicable) along with the FCC Identifier   number.   

    (3) A statement that the product complies with part 15 of this chapter.   

    (4) The identification, by name, address and telephone number, of the   responsible party who assembled the product from modular components, as   defined in §  2.909. The responsible party for a Declaration of   Conformity must be located within the United States.   

    (5) Copies of the compliance information statements for each modular   component used in the system that is authorized under a Declaration of   Conformity.

    Where can I find this information? I hope you can help me.

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    Eric Dankert