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  1. Q:

    What kind of GPS antenna should I use with Telit GPS products?



    It’s strongly suggested the use of an active GPS antenna. The power
    supply is provided by the module (through the FT pad / connector). The
    voltage level is just the same of the module VBATT (nominal 3.8V).

  2. Telit GM862-GPS and GE863-GPS comes without a LNA inside the GPS module.

    • The GPS antenna should have 2 LNAs to give a resonable gain
    • The GPS antennna must over a wide range supply voltage from 3.4 to 4.2 Volt like the antenna listed at my site , because the  output voltage of the GM862-GPS and GE863-GPS are following the input voltage (worst case the voltage of your LiPo battery)
    • By using of embedded GPS antennnas take care on ground plane or no ground plane. Some GPS antennas on the market are tuned on 35×35 mm or 70x70mm ground plane. Others are tuned on no ground plane.  

    I hope that my hints will help you.


    Regards from Germany

    Harald Naumann

  3. Hi.


    We should use the GPS inside the HE910 with an active antenna that receives Vant with the RF signal; is it possible to send in this chip the 3.3 V with the RF signal ?


    Alternatively,  have you some external configurations to suggest to mix RF and Vant signals?


    Enrico Parmeggiani