UC864 Video calls

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    How can I set up a video call?



    UC864-E/G module can support only its bearer and the customer should
    implement the video telephony protocol (3G-324M) and its UI application,
    if necessary.
    UC864-E/G module can support SVD(Simultaneous Voice
    and Data) feature, regardless of CS or PS data call. In order to
    implement Video call functionality using UC864x you need these HW

    • Camera module (CCD sensor)
    • Camera
      controller: host CPU which can control camera module, control UC864x
      with USB or UART and video application(SW) running on it.

    and these SW Components:

    • Media processor (support 3-GPP video codec)

    To setup Video call use this bearer: multimedia 64 kbps CS Data call (AT+CBST=134,1,0)