What is a LCC castellation package?

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  1. LCC (stands for Leadless Chip Carrier) castellation package technology are surface mount package devices, which use metalized pads on the sides of the package. This kind of packaging is ideally suited for uncomplicated and low-cost applications based on Four-Layer PCB (printed circuit board). Moreover, with the option for manual soldering and removal, it can also serve niche applications with a low volume production.
    GL865-DUAL, the first Telit GSM/GPRS module with LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) castellation packaging technology, launched onto the market in October. Its ultra-small form factor, excellent energy efficiency and low unit price make this module perfect for mobile applications and for high-volume use across all industries. Areas of application include medical monitoring equipment, miniaturized security systems and the tracking of people, animals and objects.



    For customers with highly integrated and complex applications, Telit offers its broad family of m2m modules with Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging. This is particularly relevant for the automotive and telematics market. BGA is a packaging with one face covered with balls in a grid pattern and therefore requires in comparison to the LCC castellation packaging smaller space. The BGA is also more efficient in regard of number of inputs and outputs.