Subscription for fax and data service

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  1. Q:

    I have a subscription for fax and data service, but I do not succeed in transmitting.



    Even if fax and data service is subscribed, the service may not be
    activated by the provider. In order to determine if this is the cause of
    the problem, the following verifications should be performed:

    • Two different phone numbers have to be available. 
    • If
      both numbers are available, another simple test can be performed. From a
      normal telephone, call the number dedicated to the data service and set
      AT+CRC=1 on your module: If the module indicates "data or fax call" on
      the hyperterminal then the service has been correctly activated and the
      cause of the problem is somewhere else. Vice versa, if the line appears
      free, the provider may not have activated the service. This process will
      trouble shoot and solve a good percentage of fax and data malfunctions.
    • If only one number is available on your SIM for voice/data and fax services, re-examine the AT+CSNS setting.