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  1. Q:

    How can I upgrade the module software? I am using the GM862-Quad with the EVK2 board.



    The firmware update of the module can be performed with the Xfp Tool provided by Telit.
    runs on Windows based PCs. It erases the flash memory content, and then
    it downloads the new firmware on the flash memory. Following the
    upgrade procedure step by step:

    • Switch OFF the Telit Module.
    • Run the Xfp.exe tool. Power OFF the module if needed then press OK button on the displayed window.
    • After
      selecting COM port, speed1 and stream file (stream files holds new
      firmware) press Program button, a flashing blue bar appears.
    • After powering ON the module the flashing blue bar start increasing. The programming is in progress.
    • A status window is displayed on the screen when (Program Complete) the module is successfully programmed.
    • Now the Telit module is programmed with the new firmware. Press OK button and exit the tool.