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     Is it possbile to receive SMS or TCP/IP user data when the module is in power saving mode?



    Yes, to enable power saving mode enter AT+CFUN=5 + DTR OFF or enter
    At+CFUN=0. When an incoming call, SMS or TCP/IP user data are received,
    the module automatically wakes-up and manages the incoming event.

    1. When you say the module automatically wakes up, does the module identify that it woke up by changing the CTS line?

      Refering to the Figure 6 in the Telit Modules Software User Guide (in the Power Saving Section) , it looks like in CFUN=5 the CTS line doesn’t change when a netowork event occured but in CFUN=7 , the CTS line changes (from CTS=OFF to CTS=ON) , to indicate to the DTE that some network event occured (after it handled it automatically).

      Is this the case? From Table 4 [CFUN Modes] , it looks like as long as you set the AT+CNMI to 1,1 , the module temporary exits power saving mode to service the network event, the difference between CFUN=5 and CFUN=7 , is that CFUN=7 indicates the servicing of that network event by clearing CTS (CTS=ON) , so that the DTE is aware some event occured (while CFUN=5 doesn’t)?   

      Also, assuming that is the case for CFUN=7, how long does that event indication last? As in what allows you to determine say a chain of events?


      1. I think AT Commands Reference Guide brings some more clarification:


        7 – CYCLIC SLEEP mode: in this mode, the serial interface is periodically
        enabled while CTS is active. If characters are recognized on the serial interface,
        the ME stays active for 2 seconds after the last character was sent or received.
        ME exits SLEEP mode only, if AT+CFUN=1 is entered