[F A Q] Antenna selection

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  1. Q:

    Which kind of antenna should I choose for my application?



    The antenna should fulfil the requirements present in the module product description.
    More attention should be paid to the following points:

    a. antenna must have shorter cable as possible. Losses @1800Mhz of RG174-type coax cable are not negletable;

    b. EMC radiation from digital devices could degrade the sensitivity.
    This kind of interferences must be evaluated and, if present, eliminated. Different ways are possible:

    • putting antenna away (pay attention to cable losses!);
    • shielding;
    • filtering;

    antenna should be placed away from any metallic body and, if is magnet
    mount type, a iron basement should be provided to guarantee right
    impedance and radiation pattern;

    d. antenna polarization should not be an issue in most of situations;

    e. Ensure that the antenna line impedance is 50Ω