external i2c & reference designs

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  1. Hi Cosmin


    Is it possible to access the modules i2c bus and attach devices…such as an accelerometer? Im guessing it is given the following extract from the GE863-PRO web page:


    The GE863-PRO³ was designed to simplify connectivity through the availability of interfaces such as SPI, IIC, SD/MMC and USB (Host/Device). Telit offers a vast collection of reference designs enabling use of the PRO³ with external peripherals such as camera, keyboard, display, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, SmartCard, SD Card


    Any idea where the reference designs are located? I have the reference design for adding a GPS module….was wondering about the others?






    1. Hi Bruce,


      There are some documents like  Low Level Driver APIs Application Note, Bluetooth Library User Guide, Short Range Libraries User Guide, GE863-PRO3 GPS Package User Guide, GE863-PRO 3  Linux CAN Package Software User Guide.


      Please use your direct contact at distributor or Telit for reference designs.



  2. I2C failing with “Operation not allowed”


    I have a problem with the I2C commands on a TELIT GE910-GNSS. Any read command fails. For example:

    +CME ERROR: operation not allowed

    This is on a vanille GE910-GNSS module with new firmware.


    Please assist

    Regards Henro